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Italian Style Villas - A selection of finest Italian luxury villas
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Villas: 30
Bedrooms: from 3 to 21
Special offers: Active

Villa Turandot
Destination: Lucca
Number of beds: 14
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Traveller's Choice
Villa Le Cure
Destination: Lucca
Number of beds: 14
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Traveller's Choice
Villa Palaia
Destination: Palaia
Number of beds: 8
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If you’re searching for a truly exclusive experience, look no further than our Traveller’s Choice Collection. Over the years, we’ve taken on board your valued opinions and advice and we’ve created a collection of villas based entirely on our client's comments. These are the villas that continue to stand out for our guests, perhaps for their particular geographical position, a breathtaking view, the genuine helpfulness of the staff, a majestic swimming pool, the sheer number of available services, an especially delightful garden or even a remarkable history that whispers through the walls.

Our standards have always been high because we know each property inside out. We’ve spent years visiting hundreds of villas and this has taught us how to recognise that extra touch of class that will make a difference to your holiday. We are proud of every one of the properties in our Traveller’s Choice Collection and are happy to present our crème de la crème of outstanding destinations. Where you see our Traveller’s Choice Collection seal of approval, rest assured that you’re seeing a guarantee of excellence. Yet another reason to discover Italian Style Villas!
Villa della Cantinetta Traveller's Choice

Destination: Greve in Chianti
Number of beds: 11
Bedrooms: 6

Villa La Fabbrica Traveller's Choice

Destination: Peccioli
Number of beds: 13
Bedrooms: 5

Villa Maremmana Piccola Traveller's Choice

Destination: Castiglione della Pescaia
Number of beds: 6
Bedrooms: 3

Villa Baveno Traveller's Choice

Destination: Baveno
Number of beds: 10+3
Bedrooms: 5+1

Our Signature Villas Collection (SVC) represents the crème de la crème of our existing portfolio of luxurious villas in Italy; each and every property offers a very special something for our guests. Whenever you see a property listing within this extraordinary Signature Collection, you can rest assured that they have been selected according to the most stringent criteria. That very special something might be the architecture, the art, the furnishings, the surrounding culture, the extraordinarily high level of features and amenities included in the price or quite simply an enchanting characteristic that is unique to that property alone. Don't forget that this collection has been chosen for only the most discerning travellers seeking an exceptionally high level of quality and service. We have fulfilled that and more.

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