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Villa rentals in Apulia Calabria and Basilicata - Vitigliano - Villa Monika

Villa Monika

Apulia Calabria and Basilicata - Vitigliano

Nature, history and art have made Apulia a major tourist destination:discover a new land for your holidays. 

Swimming Pool

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Castro 7 km, Porto Badisco 7 km, Otranto less than 20 km, Lecce 40 km, Brindisi international airport 100 km, Bari international airport 200 km

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Villa Monika – Vitigliano - Apulia

5 Bedrooms – Pool

Villa Monika is ideal for guests who appreciate a touch of lovingly cared for luxury.

Location and Surrounding Area. Villa Monika is very much a stately home in a glorious region of Puglia. As well as sites of archaeological importance, the pretty village of Vitigliano and the surrounding area offer pretty much everything in the way of local shops and services.

The turquoise waters in the sheltered cove at Porto Badisco make for safe swimming and excellent snorkelling. According to Virgil, Porto Badisco was the site of Aeneas’s first landing in Italy after his escape from Troy but some historians dispute the fact and suggest the Roman harbour of Castro instead. Castro is a gorgeous coastal fishing village with the historical centre up on the hill and the lively marina below. The nearby coastline is studded with pretty caves, perhaps the most famous being the spectacular Grotta Zinzulusa limestone caves.

Beautiful baroque Lecce has to be seen to be believed. It's the perfect destination for wandering around little lanes and admiring the distinctive 17th century architecture. It has a delightful historical centre and an excavated Roman amphitheatre.

The city of Otranto is offers all the splendours of an original Greek settlement. The city's story is perhaps best told in the cathedral with its large-scale mosaics dating back to the 12th century and the bones of the 813 martyrs displayed behind the altar.

Villa Monika is about 100 km from Brindisi international airport and 200 km from Bari international airport. Porto Badisco to the north and Castro to the south are only about 7 km from the Villa. Lecce is about 40 km away and Otranto less than 20 km.

The Property. Villa Monika was lovingly restored by the owner in honour of his beloved aunt, the beautiful Austrian Monika Peterson. They worked together to bring the villa back to its previous neoclassical glory and the loving touches bear witness to the affection and esteem they hold for each other.

The original parts of the property were built in the 1800s and the house was tastefully enlarged in Arabic style at the beginning of the last century, thus retaining the style and features of the traditional noble homes in the Salento area. The present owner tells of the history of the villa with justifiable pride; it was once the property of the noblewoman Olga Roselli, wife of the wealthy entrepreneur and high-ranking Knight Totò Miggiano. As a young, intelligent and talented wife, in the 1900s she transformed the house into a refined gathering place for cultured and illustrious guests, wining and dining them with elegant, local delicacies.

The owner's love for the villa's history has shaped the restoration work and the resulting home is magnificent. From the various shades of antique white to the original brasses in the rooms, nothing has been placed by chance. The furniture is mostly 18th century dark wood, there are terracotta amphorae and even the kitchen retains beaten copper pots and pans hung on the walls. All of the fabrics on the 18th century chairs have been carefully chosen to blend seamlessly with the neoclassical style of the villa.

Villa Monika offers its guests three double rooms and three bathrooms in the main nucleus of the house. There is a large living room, which has been decorated with antique furniture and elegant objets d'art. The kitchen has been entirely preserved in its authentic form, even down to the collection of crockery.

There is a smaller adjoining wing containing a further two bedrooms and two bathrooms, all in the same ivory palette.

There is a pretty swimming pool nestled into the grounds of the villa with a fully furnished poolside area.  The gardens have an air of understated beauty with their palms and Indian figs.

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  • 3 double rooms in the main house
  • 2 double rooms in the wing
  • 3 bathrooms in the main house
  • 2 bathrooms in the wing
  • Large living area
  • Traditional kitchen
  • Swimming pool
  • Sun-beds
  • Immaculate gardens


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Villa Monika
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