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Villas for rent in - Italian Style Villas, a selection of finest luxury rentals in Italy

Our Signature Villas Collection (SVC) represents the crème de la crème of our existing portfolio of luxurious villas in Italy; each and every property offers a very special something for our guests. Whenever you see a property listing within this extraordinary Signature Collection, you can rest assured that they have been selected according to the most stringent criteria. That very special something might be the architecture, the art, the furnishings, the surrounding culture, the extraordinarily high level of features and amenities included in the price or quite simply an enchanting characteristic that is unique to that property alone. Don't forget that this collection has been chosen for only the most discerning travellers seeking an exceptionally high level of quality and service. We have fulfilled that and more.
Villa Nino Traveller's Choice

Destination: Positano
Number of beds: 9
Bedrooms: 5
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Villa Passignano Traveller's Choice

Destination: Sambuca
Number of beds: 12
Bedrooms: 6
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Villa Principe Edoardo

Destination: Buonconvento
Number of beds: 20
Bedrooms: 10
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Villa Principessa Traveller's Choice

Destination: Tremezzo - Como Lake
Number of beds: 14
Bedrooms: 7
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Villa San Casciano Contains Video Traveller's Choice

Destination: San Casciano Val di Pesa
Number of beds: 16
Bedrooms: 8
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Villa Tortora - Golf Resort

Destination: Montaione
Number of beds: 8
Bedrooms: 4
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Villa Tosca

Destination: Lucca
Number of beds: 20
Bedrooms: 10
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